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ICESat-2 enabled understanding of outlet glacier change

ICESat-2 represents an unprecedented opportunity to understand glacier dynamics, with seasonal and inter-annual temporal resolution unattainable through other platforms.  Our goal in this project is to combine ICESat-2 data with other surface topographic information (altimetry, DEMs) to obtain a time-series of elevation change for outlet glaciers that can be used to understand how glaciers dynamically adjust to climate forcing.

Project Partner: Tim Bartholomaus

NASA-funded 2019-2022

While no longer active, this project provided some of the most detailed observations of outlet glacier dynamics and fjord oceanography that exist in Greenland. The goal was to understand the heterogeneous response of outlet glaciers to regional climate forcing. We found that the geometry of the glacier/fjord system plays a key role in modulating the ice sheet response to climate forcing. Geometrical differences from fjord to fjord explain a great deal of the observed complexity in glacier dynamic response.

Project Partners: David Sutherland - Leigh Stearns - Emily Shroyer - Jonathan Nash

NASA-funded 2013-2018